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What spiritual meaning does the mountain convey? Mountains can symbolize consistency, permanence, and motionlessness. Yet they are formed by the very movement of the earth beneath our feet, flowing slowly over thousands of years like rivers of time past. In many religious traditions, mountains represent a state of peak spirituality and absolute consciousness. Ansel Adams’ Short Essay, “What Can A Mountain Mean, ” showcases the author’s intense curiosity for nature. Adams begs for more people to immerse themselves in nature and observe it deeply. This guidance increasingly applies to today, as the vagarities of modern life consume the spirit and construct their own mountains of steels and glass in urban centers. What have we lost in shutting ourselves inside of our complex cityscapes and digital landscapes? “A mountain provides an impressive symbol of the wonder and beauty of the natural world, of contact with the primal purities of nature, of the cleanliness and the emotional stimulus of the realities of the earth.

Taken in various parts of Austria & Bavaria.

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