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La Sombra: Hidden stories of Latin America

“La sombra” in Spanish means “the shadow”. La Sombra: Hidden Stories of Latin America attempts to capture a small fragment of the numerous life stories that are constructing themselves on a daily basis. From the arid highlands of the Sonora Desert to the azure glaciers of Patagonia, there exists a world rich in history, culture, and captivating life stories. 

Most may view Latin America, and its people, through a narrow lens of stereotypical images and preconceived notions. More still forget that life in Latin America mirrors that found around the planet: Abundant with both the mundane and the exceptional.

I have collected a range of pictures, whether they depict the 20,000 indigenous “Kogi” people, in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains, to working people, lifeguards, farmers, students, and the future voices in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and Argentina.  

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