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Ahmed Ismael

Ismael Ahmed takes his daily night stroll at around 8 pm. His daily routine involves his wife picking an outfit for him and placing it well folded next to his bed before his walk. Ismael is 80 and came to Portugal from India 50 years ago.

I spotted Ismael walking around Lisbon’s, Jardim do Príncipe Real, I approached him with my camera and kindly asked if I could take a photo of him. He nodded and replied with, “I myself have been a photographer for the last 50 years, I usually photograph plants.” After that we began to speak about his passion, his plant photography and a bit about his life story. After arriving to Lisbon by multiple planes after 60 hours, he settled in Lisbon and began his work as a philosophy professor. He fell in love with a bright student and they have been together since. Ismael’s stories were incredibly unique.

After being invited back to his home a few streets away, we were pampered with chocolates, stories and a great hospitality. Sometimes, I think back to our lovely and unexpected encounter that just started with a, “Hello, may I take your photo sir?” 

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