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Magical Maia in São Miguel, Azores

Maia is located on the northern coast of São Miguel, in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. The town’s main economic means are agriculture, fishing, commerce related to the tea plantations, tourism and hospitality housing. The green nature and the rocky landscape is one of the greatest charms of Maia, as well as the small white and dark pastel colored houses and bars adorned with bright red flowers. The population is around 2000 inhabitants. According to the Maia records, the name of the parish derives from its founder, Inês Maia, a Portuguese aristocrat. Every morning inhabitants receive fresh bread ordered to their home. When walking in the narrow streets of Maia, you can walk by fresh bread wrapped in plastic bags hanging from the door handles. The parish has a supermarket, a fruits and vegetable store, a fish stall, and a pharmacy. Its size makes it an incredibly easy place to walk around. Overall, Maia is a tranquil place where kids roam freely and enjoy their time playing football in the fields or jumping from the high cliffs at the Maia bathing site. It’s also a place where older locals grab midday coffees or beers. Maia’s idyllic and cozy charm makes this place a must-see gem in the Azores.©annettemonheim-5©annettemonheim-8©annettemonheim-4©annettemonheim-14




















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  1. It was a pleasure to meet you Annette! Specially when I saw you pulling a film camera out of your pocket! You keep “Journalizing” the world with that soul of yours! I hope we can meet again!



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