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Idyllic Portuguese Village

The idyllic village of Oliveira is located in the Douro Region in Portugal. While walking to the only small supermarket in the village, I ran into Margarida, a lovely lady who has her whole family living in the 200 people populated village. This region is well known for its wine and flowers and is centered on the Douro River. On July 23rd they hold one of their yearly “festas populares” meaning the town festival to introduce the summer solstice, the people of the town began to set up for the festivities. We arrived a week before the festivities started and enjoyed the romantic area, which was filled with abandoned Roman trails and endless vineyards. Margarida happily showed us beautiful hand-picked flowers that will be used for the festivities and a few hidden walking trails that Oliveiras has to offer. During the short week we stayed in this beautiful area, I decided to catch some impressions of the community-oriented and colorful village that is very religious and keen on their Port Wine. ©annettemonheim-20©annettemonheim-17©annettemonheim-9-2©annettemonheim-14-2©annettemonheim-5-2©annettemonheim-19©annettemonheim-23.jpg©annettemonheim-1-4©annettemonheim-10-2©annettemonheim-2-2©annettemonheim-12-2©annettemonheim-15©annettemonheim-4-2©annettemonheim-11-2©annettemonheim-21©annettemonheim-1-3

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