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Coney Island Joy

Coney Island is not only an iconic landmark in the USA, it is also a haven for the inner child. Built in 1904, it’s located on the other side of the boardwalk, overlooking the ocean in Brooklyn. Luna Park, the amusement park, is full of families from many cultures. While standing on the pier overlooking the vast ocean, you can hear the laughter of Puerto Ricans dancing merengue. This is overlapped by the whipping sound of the fishing rods as they stream through the air, followed by an excited hurray, being chimed in a heavy Russian accent. Whether you are eating fried Oreos or conversing with the locals, this wacky wonderland assures a multicultural and colorful experience. dsc09300DSC09506.jpgDSC09497.jpgDSC09472DSC09450DSC09404DSC09482dsc09307


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