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Lonely on the Island

Born and raised in Berlin,  Dieter can recall the turbulent and thrilling years of WW2 in vivid detail.  He speaks about bombs falling in the backyard and horses breaking out panic, for he was just 13 when the war came to an end. Although these were not easy times, he recounts his juvenile years partly with laughter. The day to day hardships would be fused with humor to make it all a little more bearable. He mentioned, when driving in the car with his older brother, he would lay in the back and act as a “watcher”, yelling which way to flee from the escaping bombs falling from the sky. He also saw biking to school on empty streets like a game, to not be scared, pretending to act like a “grown-up”. Also, receiving chocolate powder in that period was so rare that when it was ever present, it was bigger than receiving a Birthday-Christmas present combined. These few moments were recalled with much joy and excitement.

After years of war, moving and working abroad, Dieter returns to his parents home- his home on an island, where he spends day and night gazing over the quiet and serene water. On some weekends he likes to invite the grandchildren for cookies and tea, paired with a bit of storytelling.

This is Dieter in his favorite place, he enjoys the peace on the beautiful and lonely island.

#35mm #analogwillneverdie

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  1. Hallo meine süße Anni das ist wirklich ganz süß von dir und toll wie du es geschrieben hast! Ich lieb dich so sehr und vermisse dich meine hübsche. Dein Papi

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