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Peruvian Baywatch Series

Taken 80 kilometers south from Lima, Peru. San Antonio beach is located south of Lima, at kilometer 79.5, between the districts of Chilca and Mala.

The lifeguards, also known as “los salvavidas”  at the San Antonio beach, train every morning from 9 to 11:30 am. They start off by running 5 kilometers from one end of the beach to the other. The salvavidas continue with upper body and lower body training. They finish with a 25-minute swim from the bay through the currents and 2 kilometers along the coast.

The Peruvian Baywatch Series would like to thank these brave lifeguards for risking their lives:

Roger Nuñez Sifuentes
Fredy Centeno Figueroa
Gustavo Ochoa Sarmiento
Luis Rodríguez Valles
Aurelio Salome Rodríguez
Marcos Espinoza Arias
Henry Terrones Zurita
Johan Vasquez Ramirez
Julio Quispe Gonzales
Cesar Santos Martinez

Jilmer Casancho Rojas

Orlando Ramos Ramos


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