Bavarian Summer

DSC01351DSC01312DSC01334DSC01321DSC01302A typical Bavarian summer consists of “Bierbraten,” which literally translates to Roast beer. Although the two do not go together, the roasted pig usually comes with a 1,0 liter wheat beer, but on the side. Ordering a salad is a very uncommon thing to do in this region of Germany, so all veggies make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.

While visiting the of Tegernsee is a town in the Miesbach district of Bavaria, Germany’s I realized many typical traditions that they hold. These traditions never came up before, while visiting my grandparents in the south.

  • Wearing house shoes are a must when entering someones home.
  • Taking your family to the lakes is big in Barvaria, do not forget the red and white picnic blanket, beer and the pretzels too!
  • Everything is eaten with a fork and a knife, yes we are talking about pizza and hamburgers as well as sausages- the whole spiel.
  • Pretzels, white sausage and beer for a late breakfast is normal.
  • It is normal for many to wear the typical Lederhose and Dirndln to work.


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