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English dictionary definition of American diner. n. 1. One that dines: midnight diners enjoying the meal after the theater. 2. A dining car. 3. A small, usually inexpensive restaurant with a long counter.

While organizing a road trip from New York to Miami, I decided to document and photograph the different Diners on my trip down south. Classic American diners own the hearts of many Americans, not only for their typical American cuisine such as hamburgers, pancakes and club sandwiches, accompanied with coffee, but for its traditional and homey feel.

In 1872 the first known diner establishment was opened in Providence, Rhode Island- known as the “night lunch wagon,” whose mission was to serve those who worked long after the restaurants would close. After that the 24H Diners boomed and in most cases shared the retro style and nostaflic features. Comfort food is cheap and fast made, and that was the glory of these diners.

Whether it was New York, Virginia, DC, Baltimore, Charleston, Georgia, Saint Augustine: all these diners were original and charming.

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