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 The Many Faces of South America 

While traveling we share stories, ideas and learn how to trust and communicate with others. These images are of many people that I believe help give an understanding of the cultural diversity SA holds that is worth capturing.

This post is called the many faces of South America because after 7 months of travel- one tends to see a lot that means even more when sharing it with great people.

Much love,



These boys are waiting for their lunch infront of a traditional restaurant in the district of Asia located 2 hours south of Lima, Peru.


This little girl was photographed while curiously watching the tourists roam in Ibarra, Ecuador.


These siblings are playing with the candy the tour guide gave them. They are the children of a Shaman of the Koguis, a tribe that belongs to an indigenous ethnic group that lives in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia.


This is Gabriel, a warm hearted new friend from Brazil. This picture was taken in Ubatuba, Brazil.


A picture of a young boy from the Kogi tribe taking care of his younger sister. Boys and girls from the Kogi tribe are differentiated by their accessories, boys carry bags, whereas girls wear many necklaces.  Taken in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia.


This friendly taxi driver insisted we must check out this valuable rubber looking algae called Cochayuyo and is the dominant seaweed species in southern Chile. This is usually used to make soups or in salad. The basic preparation methods involve soaking over night and/or boiling for 20 minutes or so in water with a bit of vinegar or lemon juice, then scraping the fronds, cutting into bite sized pieces and sautéing or simmering with other ingredients.


My cousin not being able to sleep. What can I say, us millennials and technology… Taken in Asia, Peru


Mari keeping hydrated before we go scuba diving in the beautiful reefs of Taganga in Colombia.


Tomas from Argentina caught a fish. Took a great fishing and kayaking trip to this little rock island located in Florianapolis, Brazil.


Eduardo, a 5 year scuba trainer in Taganga, Colombia. Also is a proud owner of a pastel colored vintage racing bicycle.


My travel partner/ German süße waiting to hitch a ride to Punta del Diablo in Uruguay.

New faces and new friends made in Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. This cactus island is called Isla Incahuasi, it is situated in the middle of Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat, at an elevation of 3,656 meters.


ED Madrid rented us out some surf boards and also showed us the way he and his team make and polish their one of a kind surf boards. Picture taken in Lobitos, Puira, Peru.

Crikey mate! Great energy and fun while visiting the 7 lagunas on our trip in the region Potosi, Bolivia.

Jessica, a five year old girl blowing bubbles while the tourists pass the rest top where she and her family own a little stand of sweets. The picture taken close to the area of Machu Picchu in Peru.

We took a small pitstop to eat some wraps, must say: looks like the happiest wrap eater to me. Was taken on our way to Paracas in Peru.

Luiz, a pro fisherman shows how to gut a freshly caught fish in Cabo Frio, Rio, Brazil.

Gijs enjoying this calm and beautiful moment in Lobitos, Puira, Peru.


Overlooking the dunes in Paracas, Peru.

Smiling baby might have been more interested in my camera than in the Iguazu Falls, the largest waterfalls system in the world. The waterfalls of the Iguazu River lie on the border of the Argentine province of Misiones and the Brazilian state of Paraná.


Nacho after taking a dive in the beautiful Lagoa da Conceição in Florianopolis, Brazil.


Young girls part of the parade celebrating Ecuadors’ Independence day. This picture was taken in the main Independence Square in Quito, Ecuador.


Chilean police taking a little break before the Free Education protest that was going to happen later that day in Santiago, Chile. The march that took place was a students march for ‘quality’ public education.


This man is 82 years old and enjoys life, his 34 year old wife and him have 2 girls and are all very happy. His main message is “to stay positive and happy and the rest will work its way out.” Taken in the Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta, Colombia.


Natural beauty Nathalie poses for a mini shoot in Ubatuba, Brazil.


A dear friend, Riley who is all about happy vibes. Taken in Lima, Peru.


Who has more hair? :p Picture of Fernando, a kind and welcoming soul that beat me in Tennis. Taken in Ubatuba, Brazil.


Sassy Emmi upset because the flower won’t stick on her hat. Taken at Paloma beach in Uruguay.


Interesting conversations and cool character taken in Medellin, Colombia.


Stumbled along these two best friends in Communidad 13 in Medellin, Colombia.


Matching blue in Asia, Peru.


“45 years later and people still ask for me to show them my blue eyes.” Taken in Cartagena, Colombia.


Part of my cotton candy series, shots of the one and only Mari. Taken in Santa Elena, Medellin in Colombia.


This pretty little girl explains that the flower was meant as a present from a boy, who is interested in her. Instead of keeping it she would rather give it to her mother. Bus ride in Medellin, Colombia.


Positive and musical Pieira playing the ukulele at the little town called Paloma in Uruguay.


Sabrina a native scuba instructor of 5 years is from the region of Taganga, Colombia- where this picture was taken.


Ale on a wine tasting tour in Mendoza, Argentina.


Camila is the chilean Mona Lisa. Taken on a tour in Puerto Varas, Chile.


Beautiful Icha staring out at the Lagos de todos los Santos in Puerto Varas, Chile.


Bicyclers need their fiber! Taken after a long 70 Kilometer bike ride that consisted of only granite and pebbles in the district of Asia, close to Lima Peru.


Lu smiling after riding horses in the outskirts of Medellin, Colombia.


Celso, a member of the indigenous Wiwa tribe is captured sitting on a rock after scaling 1200 steps to reach the Lost City in the Sierra Nevada region located in Colombia. Although to the Arhuaco, Kogui, Kankuamo and Wiwa people(all indigenous tribes of the region), the Lost City is known as Teyuna and not seen as a “lost” city.


Jimmy has an incredible aura and a curious mind that is constantly working. Taken on the Playa del Sol beach in the district of Asia, one hour north of Lima, Peru.


A stranger who took a break from work to read on the busy steps in the district of Barranco in Lima, Peru.


Abraham, a good friend from Santa Marta, Colombia. His knowledge and facility in languages made him the perfect tour guide on the trail to “The Lost City.”


These kids smiled for a picture when running into them in the Sierra Nevada town in Colombia.

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