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The lost city trek in the Sierra Nevada, Colombia 

The lost city, also known as “la cuidad perdida” in Spanish was a gruesome but eye opening 4 day hiking trek through the Sierra Nevada that ended up in a display of ancient ruins.
This trek was extraordinary. The landscapes as well as the different ingenious tribes we passed by were a highlight. Today, there are 4 main indigenous tribes that reside in the Sierra Nevada. Two tribes that we got to get to know better, have it be: playing soccer with the young long haired boys or giving sweets to the small girls in white dresses, were the Kogis and the Wiwa tribes.

These are two very distinct tribes do not often interact with anyone apart from their tribes. Both groups wear white clothes, women and kids usually dresses and men wear white shirts and pants.
Thanks to our awesome guides, Abraham and Tommy, our trekking group gained more information and knowledge about these ruins and different cultures.
It was 60 km worth of trails that lead from forested landscapes to jungle looking areas.
Can recommend this trip to anyone, one thing that is recommended is to travel light;)
Enjoy the pictures

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