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1st stop

Hello fellow readers! My first stop on my South America trip is Lima, Peru. Join me on my tour through the city and it’s beautiful and lively people who make my experience and this city great!

With love,


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Skater vibes at the Miradouro das Portas do Sol in Lisbon. Here, we see Tiago, a Lisbon native practicing his tricks in 25 degree heat. After more than two hours practicing his skating ticks, he admitted to needing a sip of water but kept going until he landed all of the tricks perfectly.
Happy has been working at Kebab de Lisboa for the last year and a half. Happy says things have been quiet and the neighbors and vendors in the district of Graça seem divided, but since the latest restrictions have lifted, the environment feels lighter. Clients have been coming in wanting to have more small talk than usual. Additionally, he has started to learn the neighbors names and even greets them with fist pumps. Happy is sure things will soon pass and is curious to see how it will be when the city opens up again fully, since he started during the lockdown in Lisbon. After the shoot, he offered me a cola and said that these encounters are golden and he wants others to know that we must manifest what we want and the good shall come soon.
Paula leaves bread crumbles for the pigeons next to her work in the Alfama district in Lisbon, Portugal. She works as a waitress in a family run restaurant. Paula explains, that she is a person who loves animals. If she doesn’t take care of them, then who will? Paula even adds pieces of pineapple in the local well in order to help the immune system of pigeons and any animal that drinks from it. She has two cats, three birds and one dog. Although Paula lives fairly cramped with her pets in her small one bedroom apartment, they are taken care of and loved.
I spotted Ismael walking around Lisbon’s, Jardim do Príncipe Real, I approached him with my camera and kindly asked if I could take a photo of him. He nodded and replied with, “I myself have been a photographer for the last 50 years, I usually photograph plants.” After that we began to speak about his passion, his plant photography and a bit about his life story. After arriving to Lisbon by multiple planes after 60 hours, he settled in Lisbon and began his work as a philosophy professor. He fell in love with a bright student and they have been together since. Ismael’s stories were incredibly unique.
Saudades in the streets of the São Jorge Castle in Lisbon. Located in the Santa Maria major, it’s historic creation dates back to the 11th century and not only will you find old buildings but old cork oak trees, strawberry trees and majestic sites.💙
Anna, 24, is from Berlin and has just finished her Bachelors thesis in Architecture. Here, she poses with flowers found nearby the local bakery in Porta da Cruz in Madeira, Portugal. After more than a year and a half of feeling confined in Germany, due to COVID and travel restrictions, she finds herself outside of the country enjoying a different kind of environment and setting. 🌺
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